Welcome to Species Revolution!

We are a brand new grassroots organization, formed with the goal of achieving animal liberation through anti-speciesist education.

Speciesism refers to a set of irrational beliefs and prejudices, exhibited in various forms and degrees, which reproduce political and social structures that yield power and privilege to human animals over other species of animals. We aim to educate the public about speciesism so that it becomes a widely recognized system of oppression.

Beyond an Internet presence, we also hope to put boots on the ground and spread the anti-speciesist message through deep canvassing, tabling, and other methods.

We are still working on creating content for the website, but in the meantime, please sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date, send us an email if you’re interested in volunteering, or donate to help us financially in the creation of the species revolution. Also, show us support by giving our page a like on Facebook!

Thank you!

Until every animal is free,
The Species Revolution Team